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Are you looking to join The Breeze Fleet Crew?

Capt. Brad Heil on M/V Bay Breeze


While the captains get the party moving, our stewards on board our vessels keep the party flowing. It is imparitive that you know how to have a good time and to stay relaxed throughout the day. 


Preferred Experience: 1 year & TIPS Certificate


Responsibilities Include:

  • Cleanliness of the vessel

  • Bartending/Serving our guests

  • Speaking to one or all of the passengers regarding safety, and talking points along the cruise.

  • Stocking the bar and supplies

  • Assisting the captain with navigational requests, and docking the boat

  • Helping guests on and off the vessel


Even though we like going on cruises as much as possible, we do have several things to take care of in the office. We are looking for a person that can work with us on administrative, marketing, and sales issues. Ideally you need to express knowledge in the following: 

  • Phone etiquette

  • Responding to emails, cancelations, rebookings

  • Scheduling the staff weekly

  • Updating the vessel's manifest

  • Organize and order inventory

  • Clean and help out on the boat as needed

  • File paperwork 

  • Assist with marketing and promotional items

  • Update social media sites

The Breeze Fleet, M/V Bay Breeze & M/V Summe Breeze

Boat Captain Position

If you are a captain with a 25 ton license or greater looking for part time work then we look forward to hearing from you. Our captains positions are perfect if you are looking to supplement your full time work or if you are semi/fully retired. We are flexible to your schedule. 


Preferred Experience: OUPV 50 Gross Ton or greater and 2+ years of commercial boating experience


Responsibilities Include:

  • Updating Log Book

  • Safety of crew/passengers from arrival to departure

  • Cleanliness of the vessel

  • Knowledge of the local area

  • Maintaining proper licenses/drug testing

  • Presenting the safety speech before trips

In order for us to grow the business we understand it takes hard working and personable crew members. We welcome you to submit your resume or cover letter for us to take a look at while we are having a few beverages watching the sun go down. 

Captains on The Breeze Fleet knows how to have a good time
Stewards on M/V Summer Breeze and M/V Bay Breeze gets the party going
M/V Bay Breeze & M/V Summer Breeze crew is the best
Come join our crew and experience our Breeze Fleet water tours
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